I’d fly on their plane any day *wink* *wink*

Harry playing soccer (26.07.2014) - x

If I was that girl I would’ve tackled him.

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harry’s shorts are from this website i feel so alive

I called it

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fakeliampayne: Damn that was my last pair!

this is golden

If I was the police officer I would’ve skipped the asking for an autograph part and immediately arrested him instead.

For a second I confused him for a teenage girl with his sexy short shorts and man bun

Drew Brees is so lucky. Like he gets to stand there while fucking one direction charges at him.


Outtakes from Pepsi [x]

I love this.  Louis can’t help laughing at himself as he disciplines Zayn.

Now I see your heart’s been taken, and nothing could be worse… (x)

Niall’s such an innocent little lamb. Like even Harry’s surprised that such a word came out of his mouth.

Papa Harry.

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Rock Star. Princess. 

There is no between.

"I whip my hair back and forth"

Hey Niall, did you just cast a spell? Because I’m feeling charmed by you.